Who am I

I am a person, I am from a small town in Russia. I graduated from the institute
and graduate school with a degree in agricultural mechanization. That’s where I learned to draw.
After that, for some time I worked in production with laser and milling machines.
It was there that I learned about vector (files) drawings for cnc machine tools.

My job

In order for a laser or milling machine to cut a circle, you must have a vector drawing of the circle. If you want to cut out a chamomile, you need a vector drawing of a chamomile. These are the drawings that I make.


I make quality files are not just because that I have been doing them for a long time, but because I myself worked in production and faced with problem files. I know all their problems, double dots and double lines, unconnected points
and much more.


Speed of order fulfillment
always depends on the specific case. But I can always will adapt to each client. We carry out urgent orders starting from 1 hour.


I do not sell packs of 1000 files downloaded for free from the Internet. Every file is made, checked, fixed or completely redone me personally. When there is any problem you always can contact me to solve them in a timely manner.